WHale (chromosome 4)

Rachel’s mother has tried to protect her from their past, but the contents of a box in the basement set her on a path to follow her grandfather’s obsession with whale communication and to have the genetic test that will reveal both her and her mother’s Huntington’s disease status. Meanwhile, her confused boyfriend is debating whether to accept his spot in the Juilliard dance program and whales are showing up in strange places.


When twenty something John meets his favorite writer and goes to great lengths to prove himself bohemian, their friendship develops into dangerous territory where his life is turned up-side-down and his sense of self is tested.

Sweet Dreams

Joey visits his estranged sister in the hospital and is shocked to discover that, her body destroyed, the contents of her brain have been uploaded to a large computer. This sets off a search for the woman who will provide a body for the transplantation of his sister’s memories and personality. All three characters must ultimately come to terms with their own ideas about being human in an age of multiple options—when even death may be a choice.


Justin, a gay teen in the suburban US, strikes up an online friendship with Randy, a strapping 17-year-old who lives in a group home and has no family of his own. Randy thinks that he has befriended “Lisa Mac,” Justin’s virtual sister who does not really exist and who becomes Randy’s romantic interest. Justin has to create more and more lies for why it is he and not Lisa who shows up to meet Randy. When Rhonda, Justin’s mother, an overbearing woman obsessed with “American Idol,” becomes enamored of Randy as well, mother and son vie for his attention in order to fill the emptiness in their own lives.

“unlovable” was part of Ensemble Studio Theater’s Octoberfest in 2005.

The World Was All Before Them

Adam surprises his wife in the beginning of the play with the announcement of his early retirement. With new-found time on his hands, he attempts to reconnect with his wife, Evelyn, and college-age son, Cameron. Meanwhile, Evelyn is hitting her stride in the Public Relations field and her extramarital S&M affair, while Cameron develops a surprising friendship with the man his mother is sleeping with. As the family hierarchy crumbles, “The World Was All Before Them” culminates into a point of violent vengeance.

“The World Was All Before Them” was given a staged reading by Nomad Theatrical Company in 2004.

Home Again

Todd is a gay artist in New York whose therapist partner, to Todd’s dismay, is determined on having children. Todd’s born-again Christian sister, Audrey, and her husband are trying to start their family in the Midwest. Each character in this dysfunctional family comedy is surprised at where, and with whom, they end up by the end of the play.

“Home Again” was produced by 91 LLC in New York, New York in 2004.

Cat Funeral

This comedic one-act play ends with the “putting down” of more than a feline.