Now available: WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY: A Collection of Short Fiction

Just in time for your summer lounge chair, this collection of six character-driven novellas and stories is now available.

“The Nose” When thirty-year-old Lenny falls for a guy with an elephantine nose, his musical theater career suddenly seems pointless and his social life, superficial. His friends are concerned.

“Meeting Sanchez” The little league football team of a predominantly white, wealthy suburb is nervous about playing an inner city black team on their turf. But for twelve-year-old Marcus, it’s meeting the nephew of his family’s maid after the game that makes a bigger impact.

“The Final Plan” Cameron Payne, a retired caterer and resident of Pleasant Meadows nursing home, tries to come up with the best scheme for his remaining days before Alzheimer's sets in.

“The Dried Plum and the Envelope” When twenty-six-year-old Donny Patterson, a self-described "floater," is forced to join the law firm proofreading department's off-site team-building karaoke event, his relationship with his boss gets strange, office politics get messy, and power dynamics shuffle. 

“Whatever Makes You Happy” Interracial marriage, a gay grandson, gender neutral pronouns, and polyamorosity aren’t the most confounding things that Pupa Jackson has to face at his granddaughter’s wedding.

“The Prince and the Executioner” Prince Claude of Facedom is certain that love will be at the end of his fairy tale—even if that means becoming a princess. The King is not happy.

"Troy Ernest Hill has a way of looking at the world that is sharp, well-observed, and just a fraction off plumb in a way that is endlessly entertaining."  – Meredith Sue Willis