Troy grew up in a wooded suburb of Atlanta. At a young age, he started writing poems with pine needles on the driveway and songs and eulogies for dead pets. College took him to Lexington, Virginia, where he was nearly expelled for trying to dig up Robert E. Lee’s trusty horse, Traveller, to ask him which side he would have taken in the Civil War if given a choice. Back in Atlanta, he tried supporting himself as a poet with acting gigs, which didn’t pay so well, so he ended up down by the railroad tracks, denouncing Shakespeare and serving espresso to vagabonds. One day a plaintive train whistle seemed to beckon him to the great city of New York, where he haunted a number of apartments, theaters, clubs, bars, kitchens, and offices, as an actor, playwright, director, waiter, copywriter, and fiction writer. He can now be found writing with pine needles once again in the Catskills, with flower petals for punctuation and icicles for food.

His fiction includes the novel, MYXOCENE, the short-fiction collection, WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY, and the novella, “A Revelation,” described by Kirkus Reviews as “unsettling and ultimately memorable” and by Meredith Sue Willis as “A quirky young adult novel with one of the funniest opening lines I’ve ever read … brilliantly done and unlike anything I've ever read before.” His work has been anthologized in Lethe Press’ Best Gay Stories 2017 and has appeared in The Hamilton Stone Review, Sobotka Literary Magazine, Underground Voices magazine, and The Circus Book. He is a student in the MFA Creative Writing program at The City College of New York.